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Hong Kong Kinesitherapy Center
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Kinesitherapy Center gives people hope!

We are responsible for our job, but visitors of our Center need to put patience and diligence, and to follow all the recommendations of our specialists. This is the only way to achieve phenomenal rehabilitation outcome!

"Don’t hope for a miracle. The miracle is inside you, just learn to understand your body – and we will help you to do that!"

"In our Center we do not use the exercisers to load the body MFDS simulators provide decompression and antigravity environment for the spine and joint work"

“My method guarantees achieving the desired rehabilitation effect! The visitor only needs to be patient, to work hard and to keep up with our recommendations.”

Medical Professor
S.M. Bubnovsky, Ph.D.
Founder of Kinesitherapy Center
Asia’s First Kinesitherapy Center Now In Hong Kong

Kinesitherapy Center founded by Medical Professor Bubnovsky has been established over 20 years with more than 200 centers spread around Russia and Europe, having very good comments from the medical practitioners and patients. It now comes to Asia taking Hong Kong as its first stop and opens its first Asian Kinesitherapy Center in Wanchai that gives new hope to Hong Kong people who are suffering from various kinds of chronic pain.

Kinesitherapy Heals Pain Without Drug & Surgery

Aging and lack of exercise make city people’s musculoskeletal tissue degenerate gradually, causing pains in shoulder, neck, waist, back, spine and joints due to various reasons like inflammation and dislocation. Working strain and accidental trauma will make the condition more severe. Normal medical treatment is either pain-killer drug or surgery. However, both of them have limitation and do not suit for all people.
Kinesitherapy is a kind of naturopathy, it develops a series of special training machines targeting to exercise particular groups of skeletal muscles in order to relieve pain and finally get rid of it. Kinesitherapy has no side-effect and suits for all pain-suffering patients, it can also be applied together with other medical treatments. After the therapy is completed, patient will be taught a set of home exercise to prevent pain relapse as well as strengthen the body!

Medically Proved To Heal Pain Radically

Today, medical proof has been found that one of the basic causes of musculoskeletal pain is degeneration & chronic stress which slow down the blood flow, making insufficient nutrition & oxygen supply to occur. Medical practitioners recognize that suitable muscular movement can improve blood flow and give sufficient nutrition & oxygen to the muscle itself as well as the skeleton around, and finally solve the pain radically. Kinesitherapy is established on this medical theory, making use of particular muscular exercises to enhance blood flow and decompression around the painful area. Kinesitherapy Center has three main services including treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, no matter pain-suffering patients, children with improper posture, pregnant women as well as patients after musculoskeletal surgery can be benefited. Even pains not yet occurring, people can still join the Prevention Program to ensure high quality healthy life!
Treatment Programs :
acute and chronic backaches
pain in shoulders, arms, cervical part of spinal cord, headache, dizziness
joint pain
muscular incompetence
sense disorder in extremities
excessive body weight

Rehabilitation Programs :
injury and fracture rehabilitation
endoprosthetics rehabilitation
spine and joint surgery rehabilitation
sport injury rehabilitation

Preventive Programs :
backache prevention for office workers
fault in posture prevention for children and adolescents
prevention of small pelvis organs conditions for men and women
health-improving programs for elderly people
chronic fatigue prevention

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